Bentley gets the D

Bentley, the iconic British luxury car maker, has turned to the dark side and announced its first ever diesel powered vehicle.

The first model to receive the ‘dirty diesel’ is the newly launched Bentayga SUV.


Before you cast judgement however, let’s take a look at what kind of diesel engine Bentley deem suitable for one of its revered vehicles.

It’s a 4.0 litre, quad cam V8 with three… Yes THREE TURBOS!

Therefore output is impressive, 429bhp to be precise. But more impressive is the 664lb ft of torque available from 1,000RPM.

Is this a sub7seconds car then? Well, it completes the 0-60MPH dash in 4.6 seconds and doesn’t stop until it hits 168MPH.


Plus a light footed owner will be rewarded with fuel consumption of 35mpg.

New clean technology gives the Bentayga Diesel the lowest CO2 emissions of any Bentley (210g/km), as well as a range of over 621 miles.

The price for all this power and luxury is £135,000, but as this is a Bentley expect to spend at least another £30k on options and customisations.


Visual tweaks are limited to new tailpipes, a black radiator grille and a discreet ‘diesel’ badge on the front doors.

Bentley says the new diesel delivers the same level of refinement and performance as the W12 petrol engine version, only time will tell – if we ever get behind the wheel of one, rest assured we’ll keep you informed.

The new engine was developed in partnership with Audi so look out for some hot Q7 and A8 models in the coming year.


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