7 Reasons we like the BMW M4 GTS

Words by Matt de Prez @mattdeprez
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1- It’s quick!

The BMW M4 GTS uses the six-cylinder in-line turbo engine from the latest BMW M3/M4, but adds water injection technology to give the 3.0-litre unit a substantial power boost. The engine serves up 500 BHP and 442 lb-ft. It races from standstill to 62 MPH in 3.8 seconds and hits a limited top speed of 189 MPH.


2- Added carbon fibre

The M4 GTS weighs just 1,510 kg thanks to a bonnet, roof, boot lid and adjustable front splitter made from carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic. Inside, carbon-fibre bucket seats, a lightweight centre console, lightweight rear seat paneling and boot area partition, and special lightweight door and side panel trim are used over the standard M4. It even has door pull loops in place of solid door handles.


3- OLED rear lights

A world exclusive! Organic light-emitting diodes are a new kind of light source that light up over their full surface with a very homogeneous effect – unlike LED units, which emit their light in the form of points.


4- M-Stripe Seatbelts

A small touch, I admit. But, how cool is that! The theme continues with the M stripe also appearing in the backrest of the leather/alcantara lightweight bucket seats. The alcantara has also found its way to the steering wheel which has a 12-o-clock marker… Because racecar.


5- Orange bits

The M4 GTS has been made to stand out even more with exclusive ‘Acid Orange’ staggered (19″ front, 20″ rear) wheels.Designed specifically for the GTS, they are super light and come wrapped in Michelin Pilot cup sport 2 tyres. The orange details have also been extended to the front splitter and optional roll cage.


6- Track focus

As you may expect, the M4 GTS is tuned for the track. The three-way M coilover suspension can be adjusted to individual tastes and therefore also to the demands of different race circuits. The lightweight M carbon ceramic brakes offer a well-defined pressure point and ensure outstanding deceleration even under sustained heavy loads, such as at the limit on the race track.


7- Heritage

The M4 GTS was built to commemorate 30 years of the BMW M3. We have big respect for all of its forefathers such as the BMW M3 GT, BMW M3 CSL, BMW M3 GTS and BMW M3 CRT. It has proved its worth by setting a lap time of 7m28s around the legendary Nürburgring-Nordschleife the same as a first-generation McLaren MP4-12c.



The M4 GTS will be limited to 700 units worldwide with just 30 coming to the UK. If you are lucky enough to get hold of one, BMW are charging £120,500 – twice the price of an standard M4. Read our BMW M4 review here!




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