7 Reasons we like the FOCUS RS

Words by Katie Morley

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1- Performance

At the heart of the Focus RS is a 2.3-litre four-cylinder engine, dubbed ‘ecoboost’. The engine is certainly more boost than eco. The RS produces an impressive 345 BHP with a twin-scroll turbo and huge intercooler being used to deliver the added punch. The official torque figure is 324lb ft from just 2000 RPM but at full throttle the overboost feature allows the car to push out 347lb ft for 15 seconds. With its launch control system, the RS is able to sprint from 0-62mph in just 4.7 seconds, topping out at 165 MPH.



2- Drift Mode

The Focus RS uses a GKN engineering twin-clutch all-wheel drive system to control the power distribution between both the front and rear axles,  making the most of the cars power. However, activating drift mode will soften up the steering and dampers and shove the torque to the rear wheels – helping the car achieve “controlled oversteer officer.”


Don’t take our word for it. Here’s the Stig to explain more….

3- Because… Racecar?

The Mk3 Focus RS is built to survive 30 minutes of continuous track use. When in track mode, the electronic stability control allowing more slip and utilises the electronic differential to provide maximum grip under acceleration whilst staying locked when hitting tight corners. To add to the fun Michelin Pilot Sport Cups are fitted as standard along with huge 350mm Brembo front brakes.



4- All Wheel Drive

The AWD system with torque vectoring uses a six-speed manual gearbox, but uses a power transfer unit that is able to send torque front-to-back and side-to-side. The AWD system allows 70% of car’s torque to be transferred to the rear wheels giving it high grip levels as well as characteristics of a rear wheel drive car. It also means the RS won’t stop performing when the inevitable rain starts to fall.


5- Exhaust System

Ford has spent a huge amount of time and effort in getting the exhaust system just right so that the Focus gives of a suitably sporty sound. It’s been programmed to enable a few pops and crackles once you engage Sport or Track mode. An active exhaust valve is used to give the best combination of sound and comfort.


6- Technology

The Focus RS features a nine-speaker Sony stereo system with an eight-inch touchscreen and Ford’s very own Sync 2 voice control system all as standard. Controlled via a button on the multifunction steering wheel letting you adjust phone, stereo and climate settings all without releasing any grip off the steering wheel. A USB socket is available as well as DAB radio as standard.


7- Heritage

The Mk3 Focus RS is the first all-wheel drive RS since the iconic 1992 Escort Cosworth. However, the engine itself originates from the new Ford Mustang Ecoboost but has been modified especially to suit the Focus RS with cast iron cylinder liners and lighter alloy material for the head casting.


The Focus RS costs £29,995. A saving of £1000 over a Golf R which has a 50BHP deficit. Average MPG is reported to be 36.7 but is likely to be a lot less if you hoon it. With co2 emissions of 175g/km the RS will cost £205 per year to tax and sits in insurance group 40, the same as an Audi RS3.

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