Seven sub7second cars for seven grand

Words by Matt de Prez @mattdeprez
Compiled by the sub7seconds team @sub7seconds

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If you want to drive a sub7second car but don’t have the money for the likes of a Golf R, we have selected seven cars that can be comfortably had for just £7000 on the used market.

BMW 545i 


If you need a sub7second saloon then the E60 545i should be top of your list. It’s quiet, refined and seats five. The boot is massive and the rear-wheel drive chassis is a masterpiece. Power comes courtesy of a 4.4 litre V8 developing 328BHP. 60MPH is reached in just 5.6 seconds and top speed is limited to 155MPH.

Jaguar S-Type R


The gentleman’s choice – quickly becoming a modern classic, the S-Type R is not to everyone’s taste but the 400BHP supercharged V8 more than makes up for the retro styling. On the inside there’s plenty of leather and that 4.2 litre engine can accelerate the car from 0-60MPH in just 5.3 seconds.

Alfa Romeo Brera 3.2


One of the most beautiful cars in the world – certainly for under seven grand. The 3.2 Brera doesn’t disappoint. Utilizing Alfa’s long heritage with the V6, this one pushes out  256BHP. Acceleration from 0-60MPH is dealt with in 6.8 seconds. More impressively is the six-cylinder symphony coming from under the bonnet.

Ford Focus ST


Nicknamed “ASBO”, the Focus ST is a serious hot-hatch. Ford managed to shoehorn in a 5-cylinder turbocharged engine from Volvo. In standard tune it develops 221BHP and a healthy 236lb ft of torque which is good for 60MPH in 6.6 secs. Both the engine and chassis are capable of much more, the ST can easily handle 300BHP.

Audi S4 (00-04)


The S4 uses a naturally aspirated 4.2 litre V8 – it develops 339BHP and 302lb ft of torque which means 60MPH comes up in 5.4 seconds. Audi showed the world that the V8 doesn’t have to be lazy and the S4 is eager to rev. Quattro four-wheel drive is standard and although the S4 isn’t the sharpest car to drive or look at, it is both reliable and easy to live with.

Mercedes CL600 V12


Perhaps the bargain of the century. The CL600 once commanded a price tag of over £100,000. It’s a super luxury coupe with everything from a fridge to radar guided cruise control. The 5.5 litre V12 is assisted by two turbos meaning total output is 500BHP. The two-tonne CL hits 60MPH in just 4.6 seconds and I have no doubt it can top 200.

Honda S2000


If two seats are more your thing then the Honda S2000 is hard to overlook. The 2.0 VTEC engine develops 236BHP and pulls hard to over 8000RPM. It weighs in at under 1300kg and thanks to a rear-wheel drive chassis is great fun to drive. 60MPH comes up in 6 seconds. Buy one, retract the electric roof and listen to that screaming engine note. You won’t be disappointed.


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