Porsche 911 R: Prices, Specs and Photos

Written by: Katie Morley

Porsche have unveiled their modern day version of the 1967 3.8 litre 911R at the Geneva Motor Show in support of the 50th anniversary of the original. Known as the Porsche 991 911R, it is a lighter version of Porsche’s GT3 RS but doesn’t include the race-bred aerodynamic additions. However, only 991 examples of the car, which is billed to become a future classic, will be built and sold at a price of £136,901.

low_911_r_2016_porsche_ag (1)

Under the rear deck the 911R packs a 4.0 litre flat-six, the same engine found in the GT3 RS. It pushes out 493BHP and 339lb ft, complete with a re-worked six-speed manual gearbox sending drive to the rear wheels unlike the GT3 which is only available with a PDK paddle shift box. The new 911R is able to accelerate from 0-60MPH in 3.8 seconds and on to a GT3 bashing top speed of 201MPH thanks to less drag.

low_911_r_2016_porsche_ag (3)

Although numerous spy shots had been revealed before the official unveiling and the prototype was seen being test driven on track as well as on public roads, the full appearance of the 911R is revealed wearing a carbon fibre bonnet, carbon fibre front arches, magnesium roof and titanium exhaust system. The 991R is the lightest version in the 991 range with a total weight of 1370kg.


Externally the 911R benefits from ceramic composite brakes, rear-wheel steering and forged aluminium wheels, along with other features including a custom-built rear diffuser and a retractable rear spoiler in place of the GT3’s fixed rear wing. Colour choice is limited to silver or white but red or green stripes can be added in a nostalgic nod to the BP liveries on the 1967 911R.


The stripped interior has no back seats, air conditioning or radio but includes a specific R steering wheel and short-shift gearstick. A variety of trims and finishes are available including period brown leather seats with tartan inserts.

It’s a fantastic looking car made better by classic Porsche styling cues. But the real purpose of the 911R will be found out on the track.

low_911_r_2016_porsche_ag (4)


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