Ford Fiesta ST200: Price, Specs and Photos

Written by: Katie Morley

Ford has unveiled a newer, more powerful version of their most popular hot hatchback the Fiesta ST, at the Geneva Motor Show. Reaching the UK in limited numbers later this year it will cost from £22,000 and is known as the ST200.


The ST200 packs a tuned version of the original 1.6 litre turbo-charged Ecoboost engine pushing out 197BHP and 214lb ft of torque. Improving on the current ST’s output of 180bhp and 180lb ft. However, the ST200 includes an over-boost feature, further increasing power and enabling the car to unleash a maximum of 212BHP and 236lb ft in 15 second bursts revealing the cars full potential.


To enable Ford to improve drivability and in-gear performance, the overall drive ratio has been shortened. The Fiesta ST200 can achieve a time of 6.7 seconds in the 0-60MPH dash, which is 0.2 seconds less than the standard ST dropping it well into the sights of sub7seconds. The ST200’s top speed has also been increased by 4mph to an impressive 143MPH.

Although there are already numerous amounts of tuning packages already offered specifically for the Fiesta ST such as Revo, Mountune and Devil Developments. The ST200 has its own performance modifications already fitted and programmed to the car which are much more extensive, such as the three stage electronic stability control system and torque vectoring control which work together to improve the handling. However, the factory modifications don’t stop there, the ST200’s front steering knuckle and rear twist beam has been tweaked to increase stiffness.


Ford have chosen to take a slightly different approach to styling the ST200. It’s recieved a stealthy makeover using a new grey paint finish, also known as Storm Grey, and accompanying this are 17inch matte black alloys, however the brake calipers remain painted red. The interior has also been given a more attractive look including part leather charcoal Recaro seats that have silver stitching.


The ST200 is due to be in showrooms by summer. It has already been described that the ST200 is a future classic in the making, as the current Fiesta ST has already made a massive impact and become one of the most popular hot hatchbacks in the UK.




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