Bugatti Chiron: Price, Specs and photos

Words by Matt de Prez @mattdeprez

It has been a few months since the first unofficial snap of the Chiron surfaced on social media but the time has finally come for Bugatti to unveil what they say is the fastest, most luxurious and most exclusive super car in the world.


Straight to the headline facts: 1479BHP is offered up from the 8 litre 16-cylinder engine which is helped along by four turbochargers. The engine is a re-development of that found in the Veyron. Boasting a 300BHP advantage over the most powerful version of its predecessor, the Chiron can crack 60MPH in under 2.5 seconds.

Only 500 will be made according to Bugatti and prices start at £1.6Million. If you want one, act fast. The order book is filling up with one customer reportedly ordering six.


The Bugatti President said that Bugatti had left the dimensions which define the operations of all market players and had established new paradigms that had previously not existed. “Bugatti has tested the limits of physics. There is no area where we have not achieved significant improvements.”


The styling isn’t a million miles away from that of the Veyron, the swooping air intake and roof line are remarkably similar as part of Bugatti’s design language and the trademark Bugatti grille features at the front alongside new LED headlamps. Other new developments include a full width LED tail light setup and larger rear spoiler. The rear end was designed with drag in mind and plays a part in the mind blowing 261MPH top speed.


A 7 speed double-clutch gearbox is responsible for harnessing all the power and Bugatti claim the Chiron has the biggest clutch ever fitted to a production car. A necessary requirement when it has to handle 1180lb ft (1600NM) of torque between 2000 and 6000RPM.

Delivery will start in Autumn but with such a limited production don’t expect to see too many on the road.




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