All new: BMW M4

Words by Matt de Prez @mattdeprez
Photography by Rowan Cullen @rowancullen

This week S7S got hold of a 2015 BMW M4 for a midnight photo-shoot. Code named the F82, this all new 4-series based M car uses the same platorm as the latest (F80) M3.

DSC_6950 copy 2

BMW has broken a 30-year tradition and elected to use a turbocharged engine in the M3/M4. The  high revving 4.0 V8 from the E92 M3 has been ditched to make way for a straight-six 3-litre engine. Two turbos ensure power is lifted by 11BHP over the outgoing V8 to 424BHP. A healthy dose of torque (406lb ft) is now available from 1850 RPM.

Spec your M4 with a 7-speed twin clutch DCT gearbox and 0-60 is dealt with in just 4.1 seconds. The difference between the last generation M3 coupe and the M4 is highlighted by the almost 2 second advantage it has from 0-100MPH. For purists a six-speed manual box is still available which is becoming a scarcity in this sector.


To keep weight to a minimum parts such as the prop shaft, roof and boot lid are carbon fibre. The M4 tips the scales at 1595kg. Combined with the smaller capacity engine, BMW’s intentions to make the M4 more efficient are also apparent by the move from hydraulic to electric steering. Hydraulic systems offer more feel and inspire more confidence on track than electric systems. However the electric system allows user adjustment and a number of operating modes are available to tailor the steering feel.

The M4’s extra torque allows for lightning acceleration but is most noticeable in wet or slippery conditions where the sudden torque surge can upset the traction at the rear leading to brown-trouser moments especially on winding and undulating roads.

DSC_7042 copy

Finished in Mineral white with gloss back 19″ wheels the M4 in our shoot is undoubtedly an impressive looking machine. BMW always manages to add enough aggression to M-Division models to make them stand out from lesser siblings without being too ostentatious.



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